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do when your pager goes off? what will you do if you hear all of a sudden los angeles has been hit by a 6.7. what will los angeles do if they hear san francisco has been hit by a 7.2? what will we do, where will you be, all those people who work for you, do they know their azuped place, do they know where to go? do we in the military understand your roles and responsibilities? do we understand how to integrate into your chain of command? do we understand how to communicate with you? do we understand what we have and how we can bring it to bear with you? do we not want the after action report after the next nightmare scenario it read, we failed to utilize some of the capabilities we had inside and outside our life line. the american people are expecting us to get it right. they are not expecting perfection, they are not expecting huge gaps. they are not expecting some of the missed cues and gaffes that occurs in the gulf port area during katrina. they expected us to learn from that and indeed we have. i caution you again, we are not prepared, we are not prepared for the nex
within los angeles could talk to each other on their communications gear. they had a different piece of equipment in the los angeles county sheriff's department than the police department or the compton police or the watts police or whoever. we ended up, we were providing radios so they could talk to each other. and i said that that should never happen again. we should have interoperatable communications. there's some that say we aren't any better off today than we were in 1992. we don't know, but we had an exercise, part of this fleet week preparation exercise, put on by the department of emergency management and it involved a lot of various agencies and we looked at the command of control situation and the command of control situation was an important one because you realized in 1992 the situation got so grim that the governor of the state then asked dod to take it over. so our chain of command went from my headquarters at the 7th infrapb tridivision headquarters right back to the pentagon. we said that should never happen again. so we looked at command of control relationshi
. how about that 90 in los angeles. some freezing fog in the northern sierra with temperatures in the upper 20s. 61, but mainly 70s and 80s today. 66 half moon bay. nice and mild there with 76 in palo alto. san jose, low 80s inland east bay. 69 in monterey. we have quite an about-face with our weather. detroit low to mid 40s for the game this evening. nice day tomorrow. sea breeze cooling us off on monday. more cooling on tuesday and rain moving in by midday. then maybe an inch of rain in the north bay. quarter to half an inch and linger into first day of november on thursday. so if you like the rain that is coming, or above normal temperatures we got that, too. >> word of advice based on personal experience, clean the rain gutters out. >> lisa: did you do that. >> terry: i did it. >> in sports this nephew afternoon san jose is at home texas state. cal is playing utah this evening but the big story giants are going to take a stranglehold. here is larry beil with preview of tonight's game. >> good morning, the giants flew out of san francisco and bound for game three of the worl
to our south. down towards southern california. we will watch that towards los angeles and san diego tomorrow. as far as the temperatures from this afternoon. >>> a nice warm up, felt in the 60s and the 70s out there. fairfield topped out at 70. 73 degrees. we are all excited for giants, game 3 in detroit. it will be cold. tomorrow morning the temperature they will experience towards the ballpark. the temperatures in the lower 40s and dropping, possibly, into the upper 30s for the latter innings. more chowd cover in detroeut and winds out -- cloud cover in detroit. back here in the bay area, a different story. tonight, we do have this. most he clear skies, we will call it nice. this weekend, mostly sunny skies, on the warm side. next week, we could be tracking rain chances. first thing tomorrow morning, definitely want to bundle up as i mentioned. lower 40s for santa rosa. hayward, 53, sap jose, about 53 degrees as well. high pressure developing in the pacific. pushing the storm track way up to the north. no rainfall to worry about in the next few days. cool mornings, warm afternoons
it's riverside county, whether it's los angeles, whether it's the central valley, whether it's the san francisco bay area secretary lahood has been responsible. he's been available for phone calls. he's listened to the reasons for projects and he has moved ahead. would you give him a big round of applause please. [applause] >> well, it's time to say a prayer. it's bottom of the ninth. they have two on and one out, so everybody -- if the giants win this i think they can win the series but they need to win this so let it happen please. i can't tell you how important i feel this project is. i also can't tell you how hard it is to build anything in san francisco, so this project must move ahead. i think commerce depends on it and i think people depend on it. nancy said it very well but let me just say what the ridership is expected to be. when this central subway opens in 2019 daily ridership along the third street line is estimated to be 43,700. this is expected to rise to 65,000 people per day in 2030. this project is estimated to have the second highest ridership per
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight a conversation with salman khan. he is part of the national conversation about how we improve schools. his goal of providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere, is ambitious, to be sure. his success has landed him on the top 100 list can receive approval from the gates foundation. our conversation with salman khan, coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminating hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: if you think they are not any big ideas out there, salman khan is a man with a big idea. he founded the free nonprofit khan academy to provide free education to anyone, anywhere. he has delivered more than 45 million lessons today. salma
. this is "viewpoint" coming to you tonight from our current tv studio in los angeles. it was billed as a major address on economic policy. mitt romney would tell a crowd of iowa supporters and the world how he would lead the country forward into a new era of prosperity and growth. romney spoke today and yes romney did dust off the same five-point economic plan he has been touting for months. the only thing remotely fresh that romney offered was more cries for change wrapped in a series of unrelenting attacks on president obama who apparently bears sole responsibility for everything that has gone wrong in washington the fast four years. >> this is a year of a choice. americans want to see changes. four years ago people voted for a partisan president and washington is in gridlock because of it president obama reminds us that he inherited a terrible economy. it's not what he inherited but with the misguided policies that slowed the recovery and caused millions of americans to endure lengthy poverty. >> eliot: with change in the latest theme for the drive to the white house smith fired back saying, the on
at that because other people dealing with things here. 91 los angeles today. 82 san diego. 89 palm springs. i'll leave you with the national outlook. >> we talk about some of the worst tomorrows in history, dan and i, pretty often. and i think this could become one. i'll have more coming up in the next half hour. for now, we get back to the studio. >> thank you, ginger. stay safe out there. >>> switching gears. something we've been thinking about here at the office. do you ever notice that when we cover stories about bank robbers the suspects always have interesting, sometimes creative names. >> i'm going to list some of my favorites. the balding bandit. the mid life crisis bandit. and i love this, the sweaty back bandit. it turns out, there's one guy behind all of this creativity. and we met him. almost every day, the fbi, police and banks are plastering another grainy surveillance picture and a catchy nickname all over billboards, wanted posters and tv screens. >> the wigout bandit. the so-called clubby bandit. >> looking for a man they call the trick or treat bandit. >> reporter: nicknames
through los angeles yesterday when the accident happened. authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. the accident involved two las vegas police vehicle, two capital police vehicles that were part of the motorcade as well as two civilian vehicles. >>> this morning the national weather service has downgraded sandy from a hurricane to a tropical storm but they warn widespread impacts are still expected for the east coast. residents are being told to stock up with batteries, water, food, supplies in general for three days. the super storm is expected to make landfall on monday night near the delaware coast. airlines are warning about delays and all are waving fees for passengers who want to reschedule flights. five states have declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm. >> lisa joins us. nothing like that out here. >> no. hurricane hunters back in the storm. it's back up to a hurricane. >> yes, just by a couple miles. whole talk about that. and the contrast, which is our weather here, what a gorgeous shot. we are talking about clear conditions. you have to wa
dealing with things here. 91 los angeles today. 82 san diego. 89 palm good morning, ashington. forecaster dave zahran here. very mild start to the some chalnging . ys ahead to ratur in the mid and very light out there. going to chan as storm s sandy, , now a ropical storm, downwn from a wayp the makes i its seaard. problems for us today, to ngs will start deteriorate. timele, hthe projected landfall we think around on tutuesday. >> we talk about some of the worst storms in history. and i think this could become one. i'll have more coming up in the next half hour. for now, we get back to the stood joe. >> thank you, ginger. stay safe out there. >>> switching gears. something we've been thinking about here at the office. do you notice when we cover stories about bank robbers the suspects always have interesting, sometimes creative names. >> i'm going to list some of my favorites. the mid life crisis bandit. and i love this. the sweaty back bandit. there's one guy behind all of this creativity. and we met him. almost every day, the fbi, police and banks are plastering another grainy surve
the study and they will be successful. >> matt, what's your take on this? >> everybody in new york and los angeles who was moderately successful claims they were percent executed in hole and they were not beaten within an inch of their life. you when you get in big trouble you say you were dyslexic. >> that's what i do and my clothes are on on backwards. bill, you were poor and unpopular then and i was popular. >> first in gym class. the locker room weighings was a little word. my mom was my teacher. >> i want to know if you were popular in high school, greg? >> of course he was. >> i guess i was. >> yes, he was. no. yes, no, yes. >> i ruled the school! >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. >>> back to tv's andy levy for the post dwaim wrap up. >> thanks. are you going to disclose who you are voting for? >> we did this this week. for the third time in the last three elections. we are the only music or magazine outlet that does it. go out and make fun of us. >> my big backyard made an endorsement. >> who did your big backyard endorse? >> my big backyard magazi
and los angeles after that as well. las vegas is a 70,000 square foot club. that is quite different. >> thank you. any questions from the public? yes. >> well good evening commissioners. i am also a long time 22 year resident and i want to discuss and also present to you i have seen a lot of positive changes in this one is a good one. during that time some 13 years ago there was a very cool selma chang high restaurant located there and it now closed and the lounge and if you remember and it's now closed. a great place to be to hang your hat and really the wind of the world and i want to show you my positive feelings about having this dining come to the area. as you also know even down on union street there is a asian street fair restaurant called [inaudible] and that opened after the loma parada earthquake and revitalized that nairksd there so i am hoping with this new venture that happens at one kearney street as i understand it and welcome and not to make it too pricey. >> we will get an early bird special going. >> all right. any other public comment? seeing none the matt
. the shuttatlantis went to the kennedy space center in florida, los angeles won tendeavour, the shuttdiscovery is now on display in washington, d.c., and tenterprise traveled in grand style to new york city. how did it get its name? >> enterpriswas originally supposed to be called constitution, but fans of the television show "star trek" wrote in to president gerald ford petitioning him to change the name of the shuttle to enterprise, and president ford agreed, and so the shuttle was named enterprise. >> the pavilion is filled with lots of interesting things to see, and there's more to come. the intrepid museum is raising money to create an even more spectacular exhibit... >> and we hope inspire future generations of astronauts and engineers and scientists. >> no doubt about it. this is one piece of american history that's truly out of this world. for "tkn," i'm brandon. beam me up, scotty. >> the future is being invented by the teens of today. alexa reports on the winners of a major nationwide competition. this report is brought to you by toshiba. >> they came from all across the unit
. south in los angeles. we call it an offshore wind event. this is an offshore wind event in southern california. they have a fire weather warning through saturday until 6:00. they'll have winds in the hills. very dangerous in southern california this time of year. usually up here too. it'll be warmer. 76 in santa rosa. that's right now. 74 in concord. really beautiful day out there for your friday. as you head into saturday and sunday, more of the same. tomorrow we'll see fog offshore. that'll have the impact of cooling us a little bit. mostly clear and nice. a beautiful height. if our on the avenues, you walk up over the dunes and take your coke down there, whatever you're drinking, it'll be a beautiful night. pretty night. tomorrow night looks nice as well. next week just a little bit cooler. there's a chance of showers. right now it's on halloween. we'll worry about that farther down the road. high pressure over the top of us. everything is heading north. as we get in close we're going to see that fog start to try to push in. i have a computer model that will show you when that fo
investigation documenting child labor here in california and in north carolina, los angeles congress woman lucille ball ahard is calling for change. >> there are today in this country children working under deplorable conditions and not equally protected under our child labor laws and these are the children who work in agriculture. >> and you want to change that? >> i want to change sna. >> the care act, legislation she first pushed here 12 years ago. >> the care act introduced in order to give children in agriculture here in the united states the same protections that children have in every other indust industry. >> there are others here in congress not so eager to protect children working in agriculture. >> there's no need for it. >> charles grassley of iowa is a co-sponsor of a bill that would do the opposite. it's called the preserving america's family farms act. it would prohibit the government from changing rules governing children working in agriculture, rules that date back to 1938. >> wopt be beyond unusual to put in 14 or 18 hour days and there's probably no difference between da
incentivize people to win the popular vote from los angeles to new york, washington. >> cenk: and if there is anything that i learned both candidates love israel. hopefully not before the election. guys on the idea of obama not having made the case that the next four years are going to be much better, do you agree with that or do you think he has done better than i imagine. >> i definitely agree he has not made the case. he says the same types of things as he said in 2008. i got to focus on the students. i got to focus on women's reproductive rights. those are things that i truly believe he'll push for and he has made great changes when it comes to education, but i want to hear about fiscal policy. that's where the majority of people want to see change. he's not focusing on that enough. he says we have to attack the wealthy more. what are you going to do to get congress to agree with you on that? >> cenk: honestly, if i was running i'd have locked up some wall street guys. >> no question. >> cenk: that would have helped him tremendously. we're going to do a whole segment on.
sacramento. 79 fresno. 72 at yosemite. 88 at palm springs. 90 in los angeles. here in the bay area we'll see sunny skies mild to warm conditions as well. high pressure mainly in the 70's up to about 80 or 81 warmest inland location. mid 60's on the coast and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast after a nice warm weekend of temperatures will start to moderate early next week by midweek wednesday halloween we look at rainy day. showers tapering off thursday morning drying out until late friday and then another wave of rain likely to start friday night. so weather becomes a little bit unceltsed late next week. >> a little dicey. >> i pride myself unbiased in my work. truly do but on this topic not so much. a pair of highly anticipated rolling spoon in new jersey sold out in minutes today. this follow similar frenzy last week when fans snapped up tickets to 2 show ins london the and to pet ready for the london concert the stones held a warm-up surprise gig at small club in paris last night. the ♪ the [ singing] the the lvrment i would have sold my house to be there. mick jager to
on the clock. our sister station in los angeles follows the money. >> i can show it to you right can i show it to you right now? >> reporter: the governor didn't want to look at our video. we caught this caltrans employee buying a case of wine, this one shopping for shoes, this one buying food. all driving away in these $30,000 pickup trucks rented by caltrans with your money. you're on state time. you just bought a case of wine. >> no comment. >> that's a rental right there. >> reporter: we found employees using dozens of these new pickup trucks. >> ford f-150. >> reporter: rented by caltrans. even though the agency had been ordered by the governor to reduce its fleet to save money. caltrans has put the for sale sign on more than 1300 vehicles since the governor's directive. but according to documents the agency is renting as many as 200 vehicles a month. we discovered monthly bills of 30, 40, $50,000, some more than $100,000, we found in just the first nine months of this year. that cost taxpayers three- quarters of a million dollars. the agency claims the trucks are needed to conduct sta
a look at southern california with 90 in los angeles. but still feeling autumn-like with the cool start. upper 20s in the sierra nevada this morning. low 60s in the afternoon. how about 74 today in oakland? 78 in fremont with some 80s toward livermore. 76 san jose. we've got mid-70s down toward palo alto and redwood city with upper 60s santa rosa. 66 half moon bay. but how about 77 for santa cruz? we are talking 9 in hollister. of course, out in detroit it's very cool conditions with temperatures just in the low 40s. a few clouds. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a lot of halloween events going on. yesterday wood city, boo at the zoo and the weather is gorgeous today, tomorrow. it should be just as nice and then sun and cloud mix with the return to a sea breeze on monday. rain perhaps late tuesday. wednesday it looks like it's favoring the north bay and maybe some showers thursday and friday. so, you know, you can have it all. you have a gorgeous weekend. some rain for the trick-or-treaters. >> they will get over it. they still get a lot of candy. all right. we are joined from new yo
in college football. let's go back to los angeles for game break. >> trojans in a bit of an uh-oh situation. dan buckner nine yards for the touchdown. they go for two. they do not get it. 28-26 in a record-setting day by marquis. charles? >> charles: if you look at that, you have to reflect back to the previous three, four, five years of play with usc and arizona. i think usc won the vast majority. i think there's one win in that group from arizona, but everything has been close and tight. arizona keeps getting better, and now they're going to press usc in the fourth quarter at home. >> gus: 38-yard line. gonzalez for a first down, flag on the play. seth doege is the first quarterback to hit for more than 300 yards against kansas state in the last 12 games. doege 39, 46. >> personal foul, number 3 in the offense. we'll have a 15-yard penalty. foirs do first down, texas tech. >> gus: gonzalez giving and taking. >> charles: did you hear the guy on the sideline? good job, good job, trying to keep the guys from doing a little extra that's not necessary. very solid today. kenny williams again. i
shift away from p.c.s. we're joined by charles golvin, an analyst at forrester research. he's in los angeles tonight. charles, do these apple, microsoft releases represent a big change in direction for the indtry. not just for microsoft but for other makers? >> absolutely. we have seen a real shift here in the competitive dynamic. it used to be about the pc. and now people are spending more and more time on these mobile devices whether they are tablets or smart phones. and that's really a place where microsoft is extremely weak compared to amazon, google and apple, especially. and so this represents a real shift for microsoft trying to be as relevant in this new computing world as they have been in the past. >> suarez: well, it's the largest single supplier of operating systems in the world. once a player like microsoft decides the future's in touch, does it move some of, have some of of its own momentum that the future's in touch, that's it? >> well, i think apple has already esblished that that is the case and others have followed. you know, i think microsoft is with the launch of
jackson prosecuted music producer phil expect ter winning los angeles county's first celebrity murder conviction in over 40 years. that's a real swipe over the o.j. case. >> it is. >> so jackie lacy, 64. >> this job is largely administrative. >> they're not in the courtroom? >> no. >> all right. now, these ballot measures, these are really tough. the first one. temporary taxes to fund education. that sounds great. guaranteed local public safety funding initiative. it's a constitutional amendment. i don't feel that i should be amending the constitution. it says it increases taxes on earnings over $250,000 for seven years and sales taxes by one quarter cent for four years. how much does it increase taxes over $250,000? >> it's a graduated scale. a little bit 250, more for 500, more over a million. >> that's not even in here. >> i'm giving you the answer. >> how are voters? >> this is the voter guide. >> it's in that? the phone book version. >> i brought that for you. in fairness this is printed front and back. i have it printed one side of the page. it's about half this side. but if you
whether he was a friend or manager or should be owed any money, et cetera? >> the probate judge in los angeles has ruled she's incapable of testifying which, of course, is the reason she's a judge on "x factor" i guess. in any event she will not testify this case. it won't happen. lufti was cross examined. he admitted there's no written contract, no journal, he admitted he has no records, he never told the lawyer there was a contract. he's going to get 15% of squat. this case is absolutely going nowhere. it's on its way to the shadow of death. no chance. >> it's worth taking a shot, though, for 15% of her assets. >> certainly worth taking a shot. >> spending a million bucks. >> we did reach out to britney spears' parents and they had no comment. >> let's talk about another case. >> they never call back. >> i know. what's going on? people don't call us back. call us back. anyway, let's talk about a case out of maryland. we're talking about parents pursuing some responsibility on behalf of their 14-year-old child who died. they say the monster energy drink is why that she drank two and a
. a home video made by one of timberlake's friends as a joke featuring homeless people in los angeles turned up on the internet before being taken down. >> justin, i haven't seen you in a long time. the gift is in the mail. >> jessica, it's me. >> reporter: and has turned out to be anything but funny for the pop star thanks to his friend. >> what he did was interview homeless people, drunk people, seemingly mentally ill people in the streets of los angeles and the joke was here your hollywood friends who miss you. >> reporter: talk of the video went viral on the internet, along with the backlash. timberlake quickly offered an apology to fans in a letter on his website calling the video distasteful. and added, "i am not defending the video." had no knowledge of its existence. and had absolutely zero contribution to it. he said his friends clearly had a lapse in judgment. >> again, i'm sure that joke seemed really funny when they came up with it, but once it's introduced to the light of day in a media environment that can be pretty unforgiving, it's a big embarrassment. i think justin h
may recall, there was a revelation in los angeles the republican national committee had been entertaining its donors had a lesbian bondage the themed strip club. and for the party of family values it did not work too well, so they could not raise a dime. and this gave him his opening. so in april he had a luncheon at his house. in washington d.c. it was co-hosted by ed gillespie , a former chair of the rnc, and they had about two dozen people over and came away with tens and tens of millions of dollars. and that luncheon alone gave them about four times as much money as the entire republican party. so he was effectively establishing an apparatus that gave him an enormous amount of power and authority with almost no responsibility. he reported to no one, but he had his hands on the purse strings. and this led to the 2010 legislative election. they raised a total of $300 million swept congress. they took 63 seats in the house, and suddenly obama bigger advantage was gone. he had no real authority. this money -- so, the question is, what did he do with the money? what is he goin
from los angeles, singer, song writer and member of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, graham nash. thank you for pencilling us into your schedule. >> you're very welcome. and i haven't been to sleep yet, so i'm all right. >> why does that not surprise you? you rock 'n' rollers. last night, i know you did perform at this event that was organized by the bradley manning support network and i know it helps raise legal funds on behalf of the accused soldiers, so we're wondering why did you feel the need -- what prompted you to get involved in this? >> i became an american citizen about 30 years ago. i believed that this country was a nation of laws. that was supposed to apply equally to everybody. in this country, you're entitled to a speedy trial, and it's usually about 100, 120 days from the day of the arrest. bradley manning has been in jail for 900 days. imagine if that was your son. imagine being kept in terrible conditions. so we're not even applying our own law. i mean, the military code of justice, section 8:13, article 13, no punishment before trial. the united nations came up with a
hawaii and his grandparents behind. now he was on the mainland, in los angeles, at occidental college. they called it oxy. >> he was the most casual, unpretentious, nicest guy. i mean, my indelible image of him was always in a hawaiian shirt, and some op shorts and flip-flops. i don't know that he had a long pair of pants during college. >> narrator: he'd come to oxy with an attitude straight from hawaii-- "cool head, main thing"-- a laid-back sensibility that didn't wear well with everyone. >> for the first time there are african-americans there, not in enormous number, but enough that there is... there is the kids from compton, from philadelphia, from la, from seattle. >> he was a white black kid, you know. and that has meaning for us in the sense of he was black in skin color but he didn't necessarily identify with being, with his blackness with same way i did. >> they didn't think he was one of them. sort of a repetitive theme in his life after that. is he black enough? >> yes. there was some pushback from certain individuals that weren't, again, as open-minded to the world, who,
los angeles. 30-year-old jay douglas harris was booked into jail last night. harris has a criminal record, including firearm possession, robbery and burglary. police say harris went into a business wednesday to buy a camaro that was listed on craigslist. when he arrived, he pulled out a gun, demanded the keys, and started firing shots. three people were killed and two others were injured. >>> a 3-year-old girl in san diego is recovering this morning after being struck by a stun gun. it happened yesterday afternoon when officers were chasing a shoplifting suspect in a busy mall parking lot. officers say the child was sitting on a bench nearby and when officers tried to tase the suspect, one of the barbs hit the child. the girl was a little shaken up, but, as you can see there, she is expected to be okay. >>> time now, 9:24. let's check in with rosemary and see how we are looking for this last saturday of october. >> i'm all smiles! >> all smiles. >> if you like 70s and sunshine, you are good to go. if you're going to the stanford game this afternoon, 76 degrees. mostly clear skies o
grae drake joins us from los angeles with a slightly different countdown. her top three political films. good to see you. >> hello. >> so a lot of folks feel like they need a break from the polls, the election analysis, but they don't want to get too far away from it. they're still interested in a presidential race, this one especially, but they also want to see, you know, how it's all been depicted on the big screen and even dvd. so you've got three on your list of the best political films. let's begin with i guess this would be three. number three "ides of march", that's your number three? >> i didn't think it was a perfect film. i thought it was a little ham fisted, but overall, george clooney directed this movie that's about the optimism of youth getting crushed under the boot of age and treachery all during the ohio primary elections. now, ryan gosling stars as like a junior campaign manager for george clooney, and he finds out a horrible secret and the movie is really fun to watch. it's just the right amount of classy and gossipy. >> that was a pretty good one, i must say. your nu
lo que algunas mujeres hacen para alejarse y combatir este mal... take 2 box ---angel ayllon nos habla porque el cuadrilatero se ha convertido en una alternativa... angel.. roll open blanca ---el presidente obama aseguro que si gana un segundo mandato ser por que el candidato presidencial y el partido republicano han alejado a la comunidad latina. take vo ---esto... lo dijo en una entrevista "fuera de camara" concedida a un periodico de iowa, bajo la condicion de que no la publicara. ---al parecer la casa blanca decidio publicar la entrevista 4 dias antes de que el periodico "des moines register" se pronuncie sobre... a qu candidato apoyara en las elecciones. ---en 2008, este periodico brindo su apoyo a obama. cesar topfs ---veamos ahora la medida "b" de san francisco... ---busca mejorar la seguridad y calidad de los parques , tambien la del agua, y remplazar parques infantiles entre otros. para ello la ciudad de san francisco deber destinar 195 millones de dlares en bonos sujetos a supervisin independiente y auditoras peridicas. take grfica # 2 un voto a favor significa que uste
intrafamiliar y lo que algunas mujeres hacen para alejarse y combatir este mal... ---angel ayllon nos habla de porque el cuadrilatero se ha convertido en una alternativa... 0:01 0:30 1:32 blanca ---el entrenador de un equipo de futbol de una preparatoria en nueva york fue despedido luego de escribir comentarios racistas contra los jugadores de otra escuela. take vo ---charlie mea-cham quien trabajaba en la escuela "tama-rac" escribi en su pagina de facebook que a los jugadores de la escuela "icha-bod" en su mayoria mexicanos, habria que pedirle que llevaran tacos y tambien solicitarles su certificado de nacimiento. ---las autoridades escolares se mostraron horrorizadas por lo que decidieron despedir al entrenador. cesar ---el gobierno federal investigara mas de 300 mil automoviles ford taurus y mercury sable por que el pedal del acelerador se atora... take vo ---al menos 50 conductores presentaron quejas por que el acelerador de su coche se atoraba en los modelos 2mil y 2miltres... ---hasta el momento no hay reportes de accidentes y tal parece que todo se debe a que el cable del "cruise contro
, colorado, 7.7% unemployment. los angeles, 10.2, look at las vegas, 12.3% unemployment and tampa, florida, 9.0. so, what do you make of that connection between where he's visiting? >> well, look, you have a difference of the places that the candidates stop. sure, mitt romney goes to cincinnati and defiance, ohio not too many people have heard of. president obama's going to the big cities because the big cities have more democrats in them. more democrats, more african-americans, more latinos, more lbig city mayors who support him and get out the vote strategies. and a lot of places with high unemployment. las vegas he helped get the high employment telling people don't bring your conventions and business meetings to las vegas, this is more a focus on democrats and african-americans and latinos than it is on, you know, high unemployment. >> dave: carl, there's been talk about lowering the course of the presidential debate and now an interview by the president in which he hurls a charge at mitt romney that he's a bull s-er. what's that about? and why is the president engaging in that language?
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